Turbo jet air bubble

After 22 years of a huge (and ugly) faux marble jetted tub we are finally going to remodel our master bath. We rarely used the tub because it was uncomfortable and filling it drained our hot water heater. My question is this - those of you that have an air bubble tub - do you still use and love the air bubble feature after the novelty has worn off? We are definitely going to install a free standing tub and currently I love the Bain Ultra Sanos model. I just want to make sure that the bubble feature is worth the extra $1,000+ dollars.

They offer an accessory called Hydrofusion, which quietly flows the water through the tub and keeps it within 1 degree of what you started with. It was a $200 upgrade.

We just replaced our 72" x 36" whirlpool tub with the same type (drop in). We wanted to go with a soaking tub since the novelty wore off years ago for a whirlpool tub. We changed our minds when a builder told us most people want/expect them when you sell your home. We went back with a whirpool for resell purposes even though a soaker would have been ok for us.

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