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An Australian fighter jet is readied for a training mission at the Cope North military exercises at Andersen Air Force Base on the U.S. island of Guam, Thursday, Feb. 7, 2013.

The Canadian government appears to be quietly setting the stage for the possible purchase of used Australian fighter jets amid an ongoing trade spat with aerospace giant Boeing that shows no signs of being resolved.

On Thanksgiving Monday, a holiday throughout the public sector, Public Services and Procurement Canada posted a notice on its website , confirming it had entered into discussions with Australia’s government in late August “to assess the potential purchase of F/A-18 fighter aircraft and associated parts they plan to sell.”

I have two favourite or inspirational moments when I photograph an aircraft. First is the walkthrough on the aircraft. At that point we finalise the shot list – and I love all the thinking and planning of that early stage.
Second, I like it when all the elements of the shot have finally come together – we’ve done the principle photography, I’ve finished all the post-production work and now I have the final image before me.
You see, a photograph isn’t just a record of what’s there – a photograph must portray the feeling of the aircraft, it must capture the essence of the aircraft. That’s always my goal.

I have several favourite projects. My top three would be, first, Khashoggi’s DC-8, which I’ve already mentioned. My second would be my first Boeing 747-400. Again, this was a Reese design. It was a spectacularly unique aircraft because of the design elements. It was also one of the most challenging aircraft I’ve ever done. One reason was because I was still using film at the time and so didn’t have all the advantages that digital photography affords. Each picture had to be a work of art in itself – on one piece of film, one photograph – because there was no retouching. But my favourite project of all is my next photograph.

Gore Design Completions is delivering five really exciting aircraft this year. What makes that company so unique is it’s able to combine really terrific design with a completion centre that makes the vision a reality. Also, two other designers I greatly respect and admire have some larger aircraft completions due this year. But, aside from aircraft, a Middle Eastern client whom I’ve worked with quite a bit has asked me to photograph his new yacht this year. That should be very interesting.

I routinely need to charter flights for the executives in my company. I have relied heavily on Jet Access Aviation this year and I have been thoroughly pleased with each experience.

Mr. Lambert, Thank you! I really appreciate that you took the time to answer all my questions. I feel that I have a clearer understanding of all of my charter options now. It was a pleasure and I can’t wait to fly with you again in the near future!

During a recent family emergency Jet Access Aviation came through for me and my family in ways words cannot express. I cannot say THANK YOU enough! Not only were they able to accommodate all of our unique requests, they exceeded every one of my expectations.

Buying your own private jet aircraft is a big investment for either an organisation or high-net-worth individual. It is thought that an aircraft purchase will only be cost-effective if you need to fly more than 400 hours per year – which averages at about 8 hours per week.

For anything under 400 hours you would probably be better off considering a fractional ownership program such as that offered by industry leader Netjets or a block hours card. Lighter users should probably stick to standard jet charters .

Buying a private jet outright is for those who wish to retain control over an aircraft. Multinational corporations are commonly known to purchase their own jets but will also use additional jet charters to supplement their needs.