Air jet baths

The traditional Japanese art of folding paper into symbolic shapes is the inspiration behind the Origami Collection, which stands out for its clean lines and versatility.

Sportsmen can obviously identify with the need for rapid recovery, and hydrotherapy accelerates the healing of injured or hard exercised muscle tissue. (Research has shown that hydrotherapy is more effective than infra-red lamps and heat pads). Long-term bed patients with circulatory problems benefit most through hydrotherapy stimulating the body cells. Lymphatic fluid reaches the cells more quickly, which means that minerals and vitamins from food reach their destination sooner.The removal of waste products and toxins is accelerated.

There is another side to hydrotherapy which cannot be evaluated scientifically and that concerns the effect on the mind. The cares of the day and tensions float away leaving a wonderful feeling of well-being. The luxurious, swirling, warm water holds you captive, helps build relationships, encourages togetherness and forces you to relax.

Summer Place Spas and Baths, South Africa’s premier manufacturer of spa baths, jetted baths and steam cabins since 1968, has recently unveiled their new and improved range of water jets to be used in all their hydrotherapy products.