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Business Air has new and used jets for sale. Jets provide individuals and companies a way to travel greater distances and at a faster rate of travel than any other form of transportation. You can fly where you want to go on your schedule. They fly higher than traditional airplanes, allowing for smoother rides.

A jet is no longer a luxury that only the richest companies can afford. In fact, private jet passengers are mostly those in the middle management. You don’t have to go to a busy airport and wait on security or delayed flights. Nor will you have to worry about missing luggage. During the flight you’ll have complete privacy for your business executives or family members. You can also visit multiple locations in a single day, something not feasible with commercial travel.

If you travel 350 to 400 hours annually, then owning a personal jet is something you should seriously consider. Lower than that, perhaps partial ownership would be a better idea.

The FALCON 7X is a Ultra Long Range Jet that has one of the widest bodies in this Private Jet category. Delivered in 2007, the Falcon 7X outperforms similar aircraft in its class, due in large part to a new engine and complete redesign.

From its inception, the FALCON 7X was destined to be a revolutionary Aircraft, introducing "Business Aviation" to the industry’s first Digital Flight Control System. Like so many other aspects of the Aircraft, its DFCS drew on Dassault’s 30 years of military experience, especially its Rafale and Mirage 2000 programs .

The 7X has a growing number of operators worldwide who are discovering they need not compromise small Jet agility and efficiency for long-range comfort and capability. Now a mature and proven aircraft platform, the "Falcon 7X" is still the most advanced — still the "Business Jet" benchmark for the 21st century. "Falcon7X Jet Charter."