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Magnifique Riva Rivale 52 avec sa disposition 3 cabines. Il a moins de 600 heures de moteurs! Ce Rivale 52 est entièrement équipé: générateur, pass...

Riva Rivale in condizioni perfette, grazie a importanti lavori di refitting effettuati nel 2016 e 2017. Disponibili su richiesta ulteriori info.

Wonderful 52' Riva Rivale, a must-have in nautical world. Very well maintained and in excellent general conditions. Built 2006 model 2007, with...

Have you ever flown a charter jet flight ? If yes, then you know how good going from here to there can get. If not, consider it , for business or pleasure.

For a once or twice a year outing with friends, sharing the cost of a small jet seating up to eight, the cost is surprisingly affordable . Think about treating yourself to an awesome experience, life is so short!

As a bonus, Dynamic Jet Charter provides world class concierge services to take care of you and your party from the beginning to the end of the trip. Just tell us what you need! Request a Quote