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Hello, my somewhat wealthy friend. You’ve worked hard in your life to earn your riches. You deserve nice things. Things like a 2017 BMW 530i. You’ve earned it. Go on, get it. Oh wait, you’re not somewhat wealthy—you’re stupid wealthy? Well, then. Fuck everyone. Get an Alpina B7. Here’s what $150,000 gets you over $70,000 in BMW sedans.

There is no disputing it. Place a regular driver in a regular BMW 5 Series—an all new car for 2017—and then have that same regular driver hop into a regular 7 Series, and the experience is virtually the same. Big comfy throne for a chair. Same BMW interface. Those neat and nifty and extraordinarily nerdy gesture controls to make the radio louder or quieter.

That’s almost what makes the 5 Series so good. You sit there and you think, “Oh, thank GOD I didn’t buy the 7.” Because if you did, you’d end up just looking like a showy dunce who likes to spend money.

Mazda’s hotly anticipated SKYACTIV-X Spark Controlled Compression Ignition engine has been described as the “Holy Grail” of gasoline motors—something with diesel-like fuel economy, but far better efficiency. I went to Germany to talk to Mazda’s extremely nerdy engineers, and before I actually drove the thing, here’s what I learned.

( Full Disclosure : Mazda wanted me to drive their SKYACTIV-X prototype, so the company flew me to Frankfurt, Germany, put a nice roof over my head, and fed me delicious foods whose names had more umlauts and Scharfes S’s than I could count.)

Mazda brought executive officers, VPs and managers from its powertrain, vehicle development, and research and development teams to explain to journalists how the SKYACTIV-X Spark Controlled Compression Ignition engine works, and why it matters.