Charter jet service uk

Your dedicated account manager will advise you and provide you with a suitable range of aircraft based on your requirements, assisting you with your final decision. View our aircraft guide for further information.

You will be told how much the hold can take on your chosen aircraft and can upgrade if you feel more space is needed. This will generally be far more than that of a commercial airline. You may also need to upgrade if carrying things like golf clubs and skis. If travelling with a gun, you will need to provide a license and the gun and ammunition must be kept separate. It is then at the captain’s discretion whether it can be on board.

Using private terminals means that you are able to check-in much closer to take-off than you could on a scheduled service flight. Sometimes you can arrive as little as 15 minutes before the aircraft is due to depart, and in some cases you can even be driven directly to the aircraft for boarding.

Pet travel and thinking about how to get your pet abroad without having them put in the hold away from you throughout the journey, worried that they will have to be out in a secure carrier and away from you.Then why not consider taking a private jet to charter you and your pets to your holiday home of foreign destination. Charter-A are expert in assisting with your pet travel requirements.

Does your dog have problems flying by jet ? Then why not contact Paul Grief our resident dog training expert see dog training for more information and advice.

We at Charter-A Ltd can guarantee your pet will have the same travel comforts as you do on your very own private jet, making them feel at ease and relaxed sitting next to you whilst you enjoy a stress free journey. Charter a private jet from any location and allow us to pre clear you and your pet avoiding queues and the stresses of commercial travel.

HR Carriages is a premiere chauffeur hire company based in London with the aim of providing a professional service to corporate and private individual clients.  Our service is discreet, reliable and punctual,  ensuring that every client has a faultless experience whilst in our care.  HR Carriages have carved out a niche in the competitive London chauffeured car industry; moving from strength to strength, we now provide private jet hire and yacht charter in our list of services.

HR Carriages staff undergoe an extensive selection process to ensure we provide you with polite, discrete and professional chauffeurs who will always endeavour to exceed your expectations. Our chauffeurs are regarded as some of the best in the industry with an intimate knowledge of London and its environs. From the successful corporate executive to an excited bride, we treat each client like royalty with a prompt, courteous and hassle free transportation service.

We understand that the image we project is a direct representation of our clients. We ensure that our fantastic and extensive fleet of luxury vehicles reflects our image and your high standards. Our fleet consist of Bentley Muslanne, Rolls Royce Phantoms, Mercedes Benz S-Class, Range Rover Sports and other luxury vehicles.  We are also capable of providing you with the vehicle of your choice from outside our fleet such as Ferraris and Porches for your added enjoyment.

The Challenger 300 aircraft is a super midsize business jet. With the aircrafts range it was designed to enable it to go coast to coast in the US nonstop.

The Bombardier Challenger 600 series is a family of business jets first produced by Canadair as an independent company and then produces as a division of Bombardier aerospace.

The Gulfstream G450 ia a large cabin intercontinental business jets, configured to accommodate between 11-15 passengers in unsurpassed comfort

Vice President of Sales
Geoff manages our Flight Team in Fort Lauderdale, leading on VIP service and sales excellence.

Range: 7500nm
Seats: 14
The iconic G650ER flies further (and faster) than any other private jet and is a popular charter choice.

Vice President of Sales
Geoff manages our Flight Team in Fort Lauderdale, leading on VIP service and sales excellence.