Dunn vs business jet

Troy Dunn, also known as “Troy, THE Locator,” claims to have  assisted more than 40,000 people to find long-lost relatives or loved ones per Wiki .  In case you have been living under a rock don’t have a TV, Troy Dunn is the executive producer and star of the TV show, “ The Locator” for five seasons on WE TV. “The Locator” was the highest rated show in WE TV network history.

Now it is important to know that Troy Dunn is NOT an adoptee. His mother is. Supposedly, in 1990, he started on his journey to be THE Locator by helping his own mother, Katie Dunn, find her birthmother . That was his first search. The story goes that it was not a joyful  adoption reunion , but inspired him to focus the attentions of his PI agency “Troy The Locator”,  a Licensed Private Investigative agency (A 1000115), to focus on “reuniting half the world with the other half”.

I don’t mind that he uses this fame to promote his “leadership training company” or his books.  According to the press, his search services are crazy reduced, form $1,500 to Ten bucks. He is trying to be THE data base of searching.