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The series of articles accompanying our Annual Report: Have Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) “Ruined” Recruiting, Hiring, and Job Search? include Applicant Tracking Systems 101: Understanding the ATS Technology That Dominates Online Job Search and Preparing Job-Seeker Resumes for Applicant Tracking Systems: Checklist and Critical Do’s and Don’ts .

The easiest way to ensure your resume will be accepted by an ATS is to submit a resume that is both ATS-friendly and human-reader ready. The two are not mutually exclusive; however, ATS-friendly resumes are formatted much more simply, while human-reader resumes may contain graphic elements that make the document easier to read and more appealing to the reader.

Because the ultimate goal is to have the resume reviewed by a human, even an ATS-friendly resume needs to be readable — and attractive — to human eyes. If you are given the choice to copy-and-paste the resume or upload a file, choose the upload option. Uploading will ensure the human-read resume retains the formatting you originally intended.

Each of the following résumé templates will increase your chances of being called for an interview. Our templates will improve the impact and readability of your job application, while the intuitive process is making the editing a fun and effortless activity.

Furthermore, they are designed in such a way that gives them the perfect blend of the characteristics of a standard résumé and those of a creative one.

Classic template for applying in conservative industries, which is a simple and minimalistic upgrade from the traditional résumés.

While most applicants think that the hiring manager reviews all resumes by hand, the truth is that those days are over, especially at large organizations. At these companies, a bit of technology stands between your resume and the hiring manager. This technology is called “ATS”, and it stands for Applicant Tracking System. Large organizations use an ATS to auto-review incoming resumes. Only those resumes that make it through are reviewed by the hiring manager.

Imagine you found the perfect job listing. You’re everything this employer could want, and you submitted the application on time. If you’re still waiting for a call back, chances are your resume is not getting through the ATS system. Learning to craft an ATS-friendly resume will increase your chances of getting through. Without this beautiful, content-rich, ATS-friendly resume, you may never get a call back.

To streamline the recruiting process and reduce costs, many companies are going paperless. This process requires submitting resumes online rather than in hard copy.