Air jet entrainment calculation

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Again the Dweebs want to emphasize that the antecedent conditions of near record warmth prior to the weekend will precede this systems arrival.  Thus, exceptionally strong winds are possible to develop Saturday into Sunday over the high country.

In the meantime, enjoy the beautiful holiday weather this week. Expect highs in the upper 50 to low 60s, with lows in the 30s Wednesday through Saturday with winds coming up Saturday and rain turning to snow Sunday through Monday AM.

Models Weakening southward push of Mondays weather system. Wind, Cooling  and showers likely with light accumulations if any…..expected this far south.

The Coandă effect ( / ˈ k w ɑː n d ə / or / ˈ k w æ -/ ) is the tendency of a fluid jet to stay attached to a convex surface. As described by the eponymous Henri Coandă in different patents: "the tendency of a jet of fluid emerging from an orifice to follow an adjacent flat or curved surface and to entrain fluid from the surroundings so that a region of lower pressure develops." The pressure effect, which is usually not indicated, is fundamental for the comprehension of the Coandă effect. [1] [2]

The principle was named after Romanian aerodynamics pioneer Henri Coandă , who was the first to recognize the practical application of the phenomenon in aircraft development. [3] [4]

An early description of this phenomenon was provided by Thomas Young in a lecture given to The Royal Society in 1800: