Light business jet

A business jet , private jet , or ... The first light jet first flew on 7 October 1963 : ... most production business jets have two jet engines, ...

International Business Degree Guide ... also known as the Model 510, is a very light business jet produced by Kansas-based aircraft company Cessna.

Jet Advisors offers performance & cabin information on these small cabin light private jets. Private jet sales, purchase, fractional shares, charter

The SJ30 flies faster than any other light jet. Exhilarating climbs and shorter flight times powered by Willaims International engines allow you to accomplish more on the ground.

The SJ30 flies farther than any other light business jet, giving you unparalleled flexibility and agility in your business and personal life. Its range of 2,500 nautical miles means you can fly nonstop from Los Angeles to New York or across the North Atlantic.

With a maximum altitude of 49,000 feet, SJ30 offers you the freedom to fly above weather, to avoid traffic congestion and to take a more direct route to your destination.

ONE Aviation™ aerospace company is run by a team of industry pioneers dedicated to engineering the most compelling aircraft for the modern traveler.

ONE Aviation offers a line of innovative products suited to the missions and budgets of individuals and businesses who feel grounded by the inefficiencies of larger aircraft.

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"There’s a certain quality of fit and finish that you expect when you buy a multimillion-dollar aircraft. This exceeded my expectations with fit and finish. And then when you add the new avionics technology and the fly-by-wire, it gives you the best ride and it is absolutely a beautiful machine. "

The Legacy 450 enters the market this year as the fastest mid-light jet, featuring the only true clean-sheet design in its class and unmatched technology and performance in its segment.